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So what do we actually do?

Well, it differs a great deal. All organisations have their own unique challenges and opportunities at any given point in time, so we can never know beforehand exactly what type of initiatives are needed. That said, here are a few examples of what we have done for different clients in different contexts.

Pandemic Worry

for Sircle Collection

Exploring how this collection of creative hospitality brands across Europe may best support their employees during the challenging times of the pandemic – facilitating self leadership, stress management and inner wellbeing.

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A Lunch Done Differently

for The Absolut Company

Exploring how this global industry leader may add deeper value to simple lunch events, inviting changemakers and thought leaders to connect with each other for a better future – in less than 2 hours.

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Explosive Growth

for ChromaWay

Exploring how this leading Web3 company experiencing explosive growth may best support the development of internal leaders, fostering innovation and thriving in uncertainty.

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