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How do we source collective intelligence?

How do we create regenerative business?

How do we compost obsolete ideas?

We’re a transformation lab/studio exploring the inner workings of complex questions and predicaments. We work with people and organisations to support change and create conditions conducive to life.

Innrwrks curates transformation in organisations and society


We support you in navigating uncertainty, finding your opportunities and tackling your most important challenges. We work with structures, strategy and people to unlock transformation potential and work towards a thriving future and a living planet.


What if we have more potential?

Is our current society the one we want moving forward or does something want to change?


How do we get to a thriving future?

We support you in building capacity to tap into your full potential – as individuals, teams and organisations.


We work with a global network of experts and tools

Through a global network of thought leaders, facilitators and partner organisations – we collaborate with you on your complex questions


We explore, create and work as a community for community

We’re a community of people who care deeply about the future of life on our planet. Together, we have hundreds of years of experience.

Composting Ideas

for reimagining structures, models and methods

How can business be done differently? How can old ideas be composted to make way for new approaches?

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Regenerative Business

for sustainability in materials and markets

How can we design, produce and consume in ways that support sustainable transformation? How can both materials and business be regenerative?

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Collective Intelligence

for unleashing the potential of groups and communities

How can we unleash the potential of the collective and find new ways of collaborating?

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