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Innrwrks curates transformation in people, organisations and systems.

We support people and organisations in navigating uncertainty, finding your opportunities and tackling your most important challenges. With experienced curators, a global network of professional partners and an array of well-researched approaches, methods and tools – our calling is to create more responsible individuals and more mature organisations.


What if we all tapped into more of our potential?

Imagine what that world would be like.

We’re curious to explore what happens as people and organisations become more self aware and learn to how to embrace healthy transformation.

We do this work because we believe engagement is a human right, we desire humanity to move towards its full potential and we care for the coming generations.

Simple as that.


How do we get to a thriving future?

We don’t believe there is only one answer. We believe that your path is uniquely yours, and we believe that self awareness ans transformation are the keys to increase your potential.

We support you in building capacity to tap into your full potential – as individuals, teams and organisations. We offer curation by a global network of thought leaders, guides and partners, a vast set of tools and an array of evidence-based approaches. We do our work so that you can shift the world through yours.

Simple as that.


We’re a global network of experts and tools.

We agnostically curate processes for exploring complex questions and predicaments, working closely together with you and tapping our global community to match your organisation with the right partners, methods and tools.

We provide you with resources to create cultures and spaces for making a real difference and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Whatever your process will be, we always start from where you are now.

Simple as that.


We’re a community of people who care deeply about the future of life on our planet.

Together, we have hundreds of years of experience working as leaders, coaches, facilitators, entrepreneurs and change agents across the globe. Innrwrks was founded by Nils von Heijne, Faviana Vangelius von Heijne and Amit Paul and has grown into a global network of guides, partners and approaches. We explore, create and work as a community for community.

Innrwrks is an RCO organisation. That means we are organisationally incorporated to honor purpose, community and regeneration in all of our operations, governance and value distribution. We care about creating a better future in everything we do.

Simple as that.

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