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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy for Innrwrks: A Rhyming Adventure!

Introduction: Once upon a digital realm, at Innerworks we take the helm, Protecting privacy, our top pursuit, while having fun, we won’t refute!

Collection and Use of Email Addresses: Email addresses, we collect with care, for events and news we’d love to share. Reminding you of happenings grand, and keeping you in the Innerworks band.

No Additional Personal Information: No other info do we seek, just email addresses, mild and meek. To LinkedIn or website, you’ll surely find, sign-up forms that are designed.

Consent: But worry not, dear friend of ours, we’ll keep your data safe with superpowers! Within our domains, securely locked, password protected, the key we’ve blocked.

Data Retention: Retained until you say the word, removing them if that’s preferred. Just let us know, it’s in your might, and we’ll bid your emails a fond goodnight.

Marketing Communications: Our newsletters, oh, they’re a treat! Packed with info that’s hard to beat. Events and updates, lively and bright, delivered to your inbox, day or night.

GDPR Compliance: GDPR compliance is our mission, safeguarding your personal position. In Sweden we reside, following the law, respecting your rights, that’s what we saw.

Third-Party Disclosure: No sharing, trading, or sales we’ll make, your email addresses won’t partake. Unless it’s required by law’s decree, or with your consent, so happy and free.

Changes to the Privacy Policy: This policy, though playful and fun, is legally sound, no need to shun. But please be aware, it’s just a guide, a legal pro’s review will be your stride.

Contact Us: If questions arise, or concerns take flight, contact us for clarity, we’ll make it right.

Conclusion: So here ends our rhyme, a privacy tale, protecting your info will never fail. Innerworks and privacy, hand in hand, together we’ll journey across the digital land!

(Basically. We’ll collect only your e-mail. We won’t ever share it with anyone else or try to sell you stuff through it and if you feel like we’re bugging you let us know at [email protected] and we’ll remove you from the mailing list.)