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Collective Intelligence

unleashing the potential of groups and communities

How can we unleash the potential of the collective and find new ways of collaborating?


World of Wisdom is a series co-created gatherings for a sustainable future. Designed by Innrwrks as an online/offline hybrid events for >700 participants in 2020, followed by a number of smaller online gatherings during 2021-2022. Learn more at

Tomorrow’s Thought Leaders was designed by Innrwrks for The Absolut Company as a series of facilitated luncheons where thought leaders and change makers could connect on deep personal levels to explore some of society’s most pressing challenges.

Leadership academies designed by Innrwrks have been implemented for various companies dealing with uncertainty – e.g. due to the Covid pandemic or the explosive growth of the blockchain industry.

First Movers is a program currently being developed by Innrwrks for a client supporting young professionals in building capacity for leading in the ongoing societal shift and building a global network/community of practice for transformation leaders in various fields.

More cases

Regenerative Business

for sustainability in materials and markets

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Composting Ideas

for reimagining structures, models and methods

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